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Phone numbers starting with - must be prefixed with +49 421 218.

Prof. Thomas Frauenheim- 62340thomas.frauenheim [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.27
Prof. Peter Deák- 62353peter.deak [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.11
Prof. Oleg Prezhdo- 62346prezhdo [at] usc.edu3.03
Dr. Bálint Aradi- 62331balint.aradi [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.14
Dr. Adriel Domínguez García- 62357adrielg [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.07
Dr. Christof Köhler- 62334christof.koehler [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.12
Thomas Köhler- 62329thomas.koehler [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.09
Dr. Gabriele Penazzi- 62337gabriele.penazzi [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.14
Dr. César A. Rodríguez-Rosario - 62352 cesar.rodriguez [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.08
Dr. Bin Shao- 62351bin.shao [at] uni-bremen.de3.08
Dr. Rulin Wang- 62346rulin11 [at] csrc.ac.cn3.03
Dr. Volker Weiß- 62339volker.weiss [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.15
Dr. Liujiang Zhou- 62354ljzhou86 [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.07
Christine Frauenheim- 62342christine.frauenheim [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.06
Sandra Smit- 62341sandra.smit [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.26a
Mohammad Bahmani- 62338mbahmani [at] uni-bremen.de3.15
Meisam Farzalipour Tabriz- 62333m.tabriz [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Saskia Forkert- 62338sforkert [at] uni-bremen.de3.02
Dennis Franke- 62332defra [at] uni-bremen.de3.10
Quoc Duy Ho- 62771quocduy [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Patrick Karasch- 62336patrick.karasch [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.10
Elham Khorasani- 62349elham.khorasani [at] gmail.com3.02
Michael Wehlau- 62358michael.wehlau [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.07
Verena Hagemann- 62343verena.hagemann [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.06
Edin Kapetanovic- 62348e.kapetanovic [at] uni-bremen.de3.01
Ronald Pordzik- 62348s_9mi6nm [at] uni-bremen.de3.01
Michael Sadowski- 62343michael.sadowski [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.06
Florian Seemann- 62348fseemann [at] uni-bremen.de3.01
Frank Stuckenberg- 62336frank.stuckenberg [at] uni-bremen.de3.10