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Phone numbers starting with - must be prefixed with +49 421 218.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim- 62340thomas.frauenheim [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.27
Prof. Dr. Peter Deák- 62353peter.deak [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.11
Prof. Dr. Andreia Luisa da Rosa- 62350darosa [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.02
Dr. Bálint Aradi- 62331balint.aradi [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.14
Dr. Mauricio Chagas da Silva- 62329mauricio.chagas-da-silva [at] mpsd.mpg.de3.09
Dr. Adriel Domínguez García- 62357adrielg@bccms.uni-bremen.de3.07
Dr. Junjie He- 62351hejunjie [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.08
Dr. Christof Köhler- 62334christof.koehler [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.12
Dr. Michael Lorke- 62350mlorke [at] uni-bremen.de3.02
Dr. Debesh R. Roy- 62351droy [at] uni-bremen.de3.08
Ann-Kathrin Risken- 62348arisken [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.01
Sandra Smit- 62341sandra.smit [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.26a
Mohammad Bahmani- 62338mbahmani [at] uni-bremen.de3.15
Adrián Dominguez Castro- 62330castro [at] uni-bremen.de3.09
Guozheng Fan- 62339gfan [at] uni-bremen.de3.15
Pu Guo- 62332guo [at] uni-bremen.de3.10
Verena Gupta- 62354gupta [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.07
Quoc Duy Ho- 62771quocduy [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Elham Khorasani- 62358elham.khorasani [at] uni-bremen.de3.07
Pengcheng Li- 62349lipengch [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.02
Yuxiang Liu- 62333yuxiang [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Liubov Varlamova- 62336vliubov [at] uni-bremen.de3.10
Alexander Jochim- 62771ajochim [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Kristoffer Rehling- 62338k.rehling [at] uni-bremen.de3.15
Emanuel Schlake- 62329eschlake [at] uni-bremen.de3.09
Tammo van der Heide- 62771vanderhe [at] uni-bremen.de3.13