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Registration Fee

The registration fee (covering accommodation, full boarding, receptions) amounts:  

Invited Speaker 
600,00 Eurosingle occupancy
600,00 Eurosingle occupancy
400,00 Eurodouble occupancy
250,00 Eurowithout occupancy
Hotel reservation will be made by the organizers according your registration.

Bank details for transfer of money will be available soon

The preferred payment method is per bank transfer into the following account.
Please indicate reason for transfer!

Owner of account:University of Bremen
Name of bank:Norddeutsche Landesbank
IBAN-Number of account:DE20 2905 0000 1070 5000 22
Reason for transfer:IA40101414 CECAM Outbox-602818-10.19 +Name of Participant

 If bank transfer is not possible for you (might apply to foreign guests), there is the possibility to pay cash on-site