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About Us

Efficient use of computer simulation in the development of materials and processes. Integrated approach and combination of the following aspects for efficient materials and improved manufacturing processes and process chains:
Development of new concepts and approaches for the numerical simulation using the finite element method. Intelligent modeling, complex thermal and mechanical problems, computational fluid dynamics, systematic analysis of the system variables.
Applied research and technological development based on scientific knowledge and fundamental numerical simulations. Close interaction between the virtual process and material development and experimental validation.
Manufacturing processes of innovative materials and aviation relevant materials, (light) metals, high performance composites, fiber-reinforced plastics and rational use of nanoparticles for selective improvement of desired properties.
Intelligent solutions and efficient process chains. Optimization of manufacturing processes and production methods, such as additives layer manufacturing, curing of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in the autoclave process.
ISEMP Group 2013


Endowed since December 2009 by Airbus the new professorship is integrated into the Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science (BCCMS) to connect industry-oriented and fundamental research.




Emphasis of our research activities lies upon development of new methods and approaches for numerical simulation of innovative materials and manufacturing processes, especially related to aviation industry. The maxim of our work is “knowledge-based“ instead of “trial-and-error“. Based upon fundamental numerical simulation and analysis employing the computer new manufacturing processes and materials are designed and optimized. The close interconnection of virtual process and material development with experimental validation receives special attention.




Our teaching activities concentrate on substantiated training of experts in the field of computer simulation being in high demand by industry. Courses are offered within the elective course “Computergestütze Materialwissenschaften (CMS)”. The focus lies upon the fundamentals of the finite element method and practice with commercial software tools (e. g. MSC.Marc, ABAQUS, DIGIMAT)


AVIABELT Members and Advertising on Tram

Member of AVIABELT

Since the middle of 2011 ISEMP is a member of AVIABELT, the aerospace competence cluster in Bremen. All leading companies of the Bremen aerospace industry are represented in AVIABELT. Therefor ISEMP is in a good position for the future and can benefit of numerous industry and research contacts.