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The WE-Heraeus Physics Summer School in the interdisciplinary education and training program will cover two major research subjects in the field of biomolecular simulations, while both highlighting the strong computational component in practical exercises bridging between scales and knowledge in different fields of science and engineering:

A) Simulation of biological systems and their functionalization 

B) Interaction of biosystems with technical materials

For example, the included lecturers work on such interdisciplinary topics as ion transport through biological and artificial nanopores, proton transfer in biomolecular aggregates and transfer of energy in light-harvesting systems, electron transfer in molecular wires as well as DNA, etc. From the broad list of exciting topical subjects in the area of biological physics and material science, we have restricted ourselves to the simulation of functionalized biosystems and their interaction with technical materials. Both topics deal with the interfacial coupling of biological systems either with each other or with inorganic counterparts. Thus, similar research tasks arise about the fundamental functional mechanisms and the microscopic arrangement at the interface. Although the summer school focuses mainly on computational simulations, experimental examples will be highlighted as well to show the important interaction between theory and experiment.
It is the aim of the proposed school to familiarize the participants with the different subjects of Computational Materials and Computational Life Sciences, to encourage interdisciplinary exchange, and to share experience of different methodologies and systems applications. In this way, we intend to foster the communication of ideas and methods, to highlight the apparent and the hidden similarities of different systems and approaches, and to stimulate the research of the students in this direction.