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Bremen CMS Research Group

Thomas Frauenheim

Phone numbers starting with - must be prefixed with +49 421 218.

CMS group Bremen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim- 62340thomas.frauenheim [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.27
Prof. Dr. Traian Dumitricã- 62345dtraian [at] umn.edu3.03
Prof. Dr. Jianping Xiao- 62345xiao [at] dicp.ac.cn3.03
ehemaliger Mitarbeiter: Prof. Dr. Peter Deák- 62353peter.deak [at] uni-bremen.de 
Dr. Bálint Aradi- 62331aradi [at] uni-bremen.de3.12
Dr. Cihan Bacaksiz- 62329bacaksiz [at] uni-bremen.de3.09
Dr. Arkamita Bandyopadhyay- 62352arkamita [at] uni-bremen.de3.08
Dr. Rafael Besse   
Dr. Junjie He- 62351hejunjie [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.08
Dr. Christof Köhler- 62334christof.koehler [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.06
Dr. Yan Liang- 62330yliang [at] uni-bremen.de3.09
Dr. Michael Lorke- 62032mlorke [at] uni-bremen.deNW1 Building, O 3060
Dr. Mohamed El-Amine Madjet- 62347mmadjet [at] uni-bremen.de3.08
Dr. Adam McSloy- 62771mcsloy [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Dr. Carlos Raúl Medrano- 62337cmedrano [at] uni-bremen.de3.14
Dr. Fulu Zheng- 62357fzheng [at] uni-bremen.de3.07
Sandra Smit- 62341sandra.smit [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.26a
Mohammad Bahmani- 62338mbahmani [at] uni-bremen.de3.15
Adrián Dominguez Castro- 62330castro [at] uni-bremen.de3.09
Guozheng Fan- 62339gfan [at] uni-bremen.de3.15
Pu Guo- 62332guo [at] uni-bremen.de3.10
Pengcheng Li- 62349lipengch [at] bccms.uni-bremen.de3.02
Yuxiang Liu- 62333yuxiang [at] uni-bremen.de3.13
Zhe Meng   
Wenbo Sun- 62345wsun [at] uni-bremen.de3.03
Tammo van der Heide- 62343vanderhe [at] uni-bremen.de3.14
Yang Wu- 62332yangw0815 [at] 163.com3.10
Yatian Zhang- 62332ytzhang1996 [at] buaa.edu.cn3.10