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The Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science – BCCMS was founded in 2006 as interdisciplinary research center of the science and engineering faculties at the University of Bremen. The major research focus is related to fundamental and applied topics in Computational Materials Science.

Four research groups are affiliated to the BCCMS:

Profile of the Insitute

Fields of research activity

Our major aim of work in future will concentrate on merging multi-scale expertise of different fields in computational materials science, life science and engineering to address urging questions related to future materials development in renewable energy, safe environment and health. As a result of a number of significant advances in first-principles quantum-mechanical, classical atomistic, coarse graining and finite element calculations over the past decade and the highly improved efficiency of software and computer architectures, it is only now becoming possible to investigate materials at a very high level of theory and under operational and loading conditions, fully taking into account atomistic and electronic details with reliable experimental accuracy. In close cooperation of the BCCMS computational groups with experimental partners there is ongoing effort to validate the performance of theory by using experimental data, and, conversely, to analyze experimental findings based on theory. This teamwork exploring computational studies as virtual laboratory will provide basic understanding while concomitantly allow for greatly accelerated materials design and discovery in a knowledge based approach.