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Grants at the Budapest University of Technology & Economics

Infrastructural development grants

      Hung. Development Fund for the Higher Education (FEFA) III653/A + IV1378/2 + V2010/2:

            Development of a surface analytical XPS/SAM systems with vacuum system for in situ investigations. 1994-1998

      EU TEMPUS SJEP 09-614-95: Ph.D. in Physics with European University?Industry Cooperation

            Development of vacuum systems for surface analytic research and education, 1996-1998

      SAMSUNG SDI Hungary, Educational Infrastructure Development Contribution:

            Updating the auxiliary systems of the XPS-AES surface analytic complex, 2002-2003


Hungarian basic research grants

      National Scientific Research Foundation, OTKA

      Nr. T014334:

            Theoretical & experimental investigation of the formation mechanosm of MW-CVD diamond, 1994-1996

      Nr. T016709:

            Quantum mechanical investigation of the defect structure of metal oxides, 1995-1997

      Nr. T022139:

            Atomic scale modeling of local processes in solids, 1997-1999

      Nr. T025346:

            Possible applications of doped CVD diamond layers, 1998-2001

      Nr. T032174:

            Investigation of point defect complexes in SiC by first principle quantum mechanical methods, 2000-2003

      Nr. T-034397:

            Investigation of the nucleation and growth mechanism of diamond CVD, 2001-2004

      Higher education R&D project (FKFP)

      Nr. 0289/1997:

            Application oriented theoretical and experimental investigations of novel wide band gap materials, 1997-2001


Supercomputer grants

      Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center: Calculation of the properties and reactions of point defects in silicon carbide

            Grant No. PHY970006P ( 461 GFlop), 1999-2003

            Grant No. PHY010001P (6 000 GFlop), 2001-2002

      Swedish National Supercomputer Center: Electronic structure calculations on defects in SiC

            Grant No. 2000018 ( 154 GFlop), 2000-2003

      Allocations to EU FP5: FRENDTECH WP8, Identification of boron complexes in silicon

            HLRS Stuttgart, Grant No. 12728 ( 461 GFlop), 2002-2004

            NIST, Jülich, Grant No. 1017 ( 614 GFlop), 2002-2003


European R&D grants

      PHARE-ACCORD H9112-0018:

            Research on Primary and Secondary Nucleation in Diamond MW-CVD, 1993-1994

      FP3, COPERNICUS-PECO 7839:

            Non conventional preparation of light emitting silicon, 1993-1996

      FP4, ESPRIT 28114:

            Safety Applications of Gas Sensors, 1998-2001

      FP5, IST-2000-30129,

            Front-End Models for Silicon Future Technology, 2002-2004


Hungarian applied research grants

      National Technical Development Committee, OMFB

            Nr. 04037/93:

            Dry friction coating with diamond powder, 1994-1997

            Nr. 00033/98:

            Complex investigations of gas sensors for safety application, 1999-2000

      National R&D projects, NKFP

            Nr. 3/045/2001:

            Gas and surface analytical investigations on automotive discharge lamps, 2002-2004

            Nr. 3/016/2001:

            Gas and surface analytical investigations on high density discharge lamps, 2002-2004


Industrial R&D contracts

      GE Lighting Europe, Budapest:

            Quasi-in-situ characterization of emission materials, 1996-1997

           Effect of additives and impurities on high pressure metal halogenid plasmas, 2001-2003

            Studies of electrodeless discharge lamps, 2001-2003

            Corrosion studies in discharge lamps, 2001-2003

            Investigation of emission materials, 2002-2004

      Kraft Ltd. Budapest:

            Investigations of solar cells prepared by a linear vacuum evaporator, 1999-2000

      EPCOS AG, Heidenheim:

            Material- und Prozeßtechnologie von Hochkapazitiven SMD-Elektrolytkondensatoren, 2000-2002

      Furukawa Electric Hungary:

            Investigation and modeling of atmospheric plasma discharges, 2001-2003,

      Samsung SDI Hungary:

            Materials science problems in the development of cathode ray tube manufacturing technology, 2003-2004

      Pittsburgh Paint and Glass Industries Inc.:

            Experimental and theoretical research on the photocatalytic effect in self-cleaning glass-coatings, 2004


Bilateral cooperation grants

      Hungarian - German S&T

            No. D72/96: Investigation of the effect of B and N doping on the growth of chemical vapor deposited diamond films

            (partner: TU München), 1997-1999

      Hungarian - South-African S&T

            No. DAK 7/98: Experimental and Theoretical Studies on hydrogen passivation and oxidation of SiC

           (partners: U. Port Elisabeth, U. Witwatersrand), 1999-2004

      Hungarian-Swedish Cooperation Project (IVA-MTA)

            Nr.36: Theoretical and experimental inúvestigations of defects in silicon carbide

            (partners: MTA-MFA, IMC Stockholm, U. Linköping), 1999-2004

      Hungarian-German Cooperation Project (DFG-MTA)

            Nr. 112: Theoretical and experimen¬tal investigations of defects in silicon carbide (partner: U. Paderborn), 1999-2003


European Student & Staff Exchange Grants

      TEMPUS SJEP 09-614-95: Ph D in Physics with European University ? Industry Cooperation

           (partners: TU München, TU Berlin, U. Paris Sud, U. Twente, Siemens AG, Thomson CSF, Videoton Inc,

           and Schmidt & Bender Ltd), 1996-1998

      ERASMUS partnership with TU München, 1998-2000

      ERASMUS partnership with U. Paderborn, 1998-2000