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German CECAM node

The CECAM Council, in its meeting of November 28th 2008 has made a pre-evaluation of the node candidatures of European
Computational Centers, whereby six of them have been invited to start informally as "CECAM node" on January 1st 2009.


In this new multinodal European CECAM structure the BCCMS in cooperation with Fritz-Haber-Institute (Theory Department,
Matthias Scheffler) and University of Frankfurt (Institute of Geosciences, Crystallography, Bjoern Winkler) has formed the
German CECAM node ``Electronic Structure Methods & Multiscale Approaches´´.


The german CECAM node will support research workshops and training courses for young researchers in Computational Materials
and Life Sciences with particular emphasise on multiscale method developments and related applications. The node members will
foster PhD exchange between the CECAM partners in Europe and with Universities and Research Institutes around the world.